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The Mid-Autumn festival and National Day visiting a speech
Silver bead Mid-Autumn visits condolences hard worker union
Jiangsu silver bead group environmental protection situation information sea technology co., LTD...
Silver sea pearl group technology of hazardous waste generated information table(...
Silver sea pearl group technology of hazardous waste generated information table(...
Henyan hazardous waste generation information table(6Month)
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 Industrial anhydrous sodium sulfateM-phenylene diamineAmmonium bicarbonateEthyl chloridePlastic woven bag
 Industrial saltN,N-Dimethyl anilineSodium chloride  
 Industrial nitric acid Sodium sulfate  
The steam turbine、Generator operation management:College degree or above level,There is no limit,Limited to men。
In order to adapt to the development of the company,To strengthen the construction of talent team,Our company looking for mechanical equipment and automation、Chemical engineering and technology, etc11A professional talents,And the sign with our company...
         The company was founded1994Years,Is salt chemical industry leading enterprises、Province, support the development of enterprises。1998Approved by the state ministry of foreign trade gives the self-management import and export rights,2003Years passedISO9000Quality system certification。Companies focus on coal chemical industry、Salt chemistry and organic fine chemical industry the development of three series products、Production and sales。After nearly 10 years of work hard,The company has developed to have24Subsidiaries and factories、Sales breakthrough30One hundred million yuan...
The ground The address:The division county in jiangsu province people north20Number
The ministry of commerce:Liquid ammonia、Fertilizer、Sodium nitrite、Sodium nitrate、Nitric acid 0517-87221443 、87224330
The ministry of commerce:Ethyl chloride(Environmental protection) 0517-87216321、87216305
Sodium sulphate:0517-87306126